TWU Membership Endorse Ambitious Plan For Growth

Release date: 7/10/2014

Tony Sheldon and Michael Kaine re-elected as National Secretary and National Assistant Secretary.

Members of the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia today showed their confidence in the Union’s plan for growth, by unanimously endorsing Tony Sheldon and Michael Kaine for the positions of National Secretary and National Assistant Secretary until 2018.

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 7 October 2014

According to Tony Sheldon, today’s announcement by the Australian Election Commission is an overwhelming vote of confidence in the Union’s ‘Towards 2035’ vision, which aims to achieve 70% density of union membership across the transport industry.
“The TWU National Council endorsed a 21 year plan for growth at our National Council earlier in 2014. Since then, our Union has being consulting with members about this vision, and listening to their concerns and hopes for their workplaces and indeed their communities.”
“We take great heart from today’s announcement, and now look forward to the challenge of joining our members in recruiting, organising and mobilising truck drivers, aviation workers and other workers across the transport industry to build safe and secure jobs across the community.”
“Workers across the globe face huge challenges from corporate power which is leading a race to the bottom for our communities. Here in Australia, companies such as Coles and Qantas are waging a war on workers and their families aimed at squeezing the life from workers in the name of personal corporate greed.”
Michael Kaine, National Assistant Secretary, said that the fight to retain the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) would be among the Union’s priorities.
““The RSRT is the only body with powers to intervene when transport clients like Coles use economic pressure to force faster deliveries at the expense of safe and fair conditions for truck drivers.
“When drivers aren’t paid enough to maintain their vehicles or earn a living wage, they are forced to drive too fast, skip breaks or carry overweight loads just to survive. Up to 330 Australians die in truck crashes each year. Many of these deaths could be prevented if clients like major retailer Coles stopped using economic pressure to squeeze drivers.”
“Over the next four years, it is our intention to fight back against these corporate bullies, to unite transport workers and raise standards for themselves, their families and the community.”

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