TWU Members To Take Industrial Action at Qantas

Release date: 14/09/2011

Following continued stonewalling by Qantas management in ongoing enterprise bargaining negotiations, the Transport Workers Union of Australia has today written to Qantas advising that TWU members across the country will take industrial action next week.

The TWU will conduct work stoppages for 4 hours next Tuesday 20 September 2011

The stoppages will be accompanied by a range of administrative bans, including refusal to perform higher duties and paperwork bans.

These measures are classified as protected industrial action following TWU members voting 95%+ in favour of taking action during ballots run by the Australian Electoral Commission over the past month.

“The so-called ‘new spirit’ that Qantas has spent millions on advertising in the last three weeks hasn’t been on show during months of negotiations with Qantas management.

“TWU members in ground crews, presentation staff and catering have been seeking certainty from management about new terms of pay, conditions and job security since the old enterprise bargaining agreement expired months ago”, TWU lead negotiator, Scott Connolly said.

In just the last month, the TWU has seen Qantas 1. record a massive 120% profit increase to over $250 million; 2. Alan Joyce’s pay leap to $5 million; 3. a restructuring plan to sack workers across Qantas’ operations; and 4. a determination to relocate key aviation businesses to Asia.

“Qantas has become the airline it is and has weathered international financial storms and other hard times because of its staff, who have put up with enough”, Mr Connolly said.

“TWU members have been patient and negotiated in good faith. Qantas has however sought to frustrate every move to secure our members jobs and decent pay and conditions.

“TWU members will take this industrial action as Qantas has left them with no choice.”

Contact: Joshua Genner   0414 494 803

              Scott Connolly    0418 445 329

Date issued: 14 September 2011


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