TWU Gets Bus Driver Reinstated

Release date: 11/01/2013

The TWU has been able to get back the job of a driver at Busways after he accidentally drove through a red light early in the new year.

When Busways became aware of the situation, rather than discussing the situation with our member he was immediately dismissed.

TWU Official Helen Sourlas explained that a single mistake in an otherwise untarnished driving career did not warrant the instant termination of employment.

"In any other situation such an accident would see a driver receive a warning, but in this instance our long-term member at Busways driver was sacked. We believed that his sacking was unfair and so the TWU stepped in to get his job back," Helen said.

On the day of our members' termination, the TWU met with Busways to discuss the issue. The meeting resulted in our member being reinstated with and instead issued with a letter of warning.

"I would like to congratulate those involved on a job well done and look forward to more stories like this as 2013 progresses," said TWU NSW State Secretary Wayne Forno.

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