TWU Confirms Airports Stoppage For October 28, 2011 - Protest at Qantas AGM

Release date: 27/10/2011

The Transport Workers Union of Australia (TWU) has confirmed that one-hour stoppages will be held at airports across Australia tomorrow, Friday, October 28.  

“Qantas employees had hoped tomorrow’s stop work would be to ratify the company’s promise of job security under the next enterprise bargaining agreement.

“Regrettably, after a week of untruths and subterfuge by the company, the meetings will instead consider a wholly inadequate ‘offer’ and a further round of stoppages”, National TWU Secretary, Tony Sheldon said.

Qantas management briefed major media outlets five days ago that it had no plans to outsource its ground handling work to labour hire companies. The company’s chief of corporate affairs, Olivia Wirth said, ‘Qantas doesn’t use outsourcing. ... There is no plan to outsource’. SMH, 24/10/11

Qantas yesterday confirmed that, in fact, it wants to outsource entire operations areas and not employ a single new person on Qantas conditions.

“Qantas management is guaranteed to line its pockets even further at the AGM. Pay rises of between 37% and 71% are the norm, even though a dividend has not been paid to mum and dad investors for over two years. The conduct of the Qantas Board and senior executives is shameless. 

“They have so lost touch with reality that it is expected they will shower themselves in cash and shares at the AGM and then move quickly to sell-off a large chunk of the airline to private equity.

“The TWU and Qantas staff will attend tomorrow’s AGM and we will be asking serious questions about the company’s mismanagement and plans to outsource thousands of Australian jobs.  This mob should be barred from using the ‘flying kangaroo’ as its symbol,” Mr Sheldon said.

(Except Townsville and Hobart)

QANTAS AGM – starts 11am Friday at John Clancy Auditorium, University of NSW (High Street, Kensington)

Joint Union Media Conference – Starts 10.30am, Friday

Media Contact:

For Work Stoppages:

NSW / ACT: Press Contact Nick McIntosh - 0418 667 058

QLD: Press Contact Sarah Mawhinney - 0413 738 841

VIC: Victorian Branch Secretary, Wayne Mader - 0402 039 189

SA / NT: Press Contact Joshua Genner - 0414 494 803

WA: Press Contact Paul Aslan - 0418 325 356

For Media Conference at Qantas AGM:

Joshua Genner - 0414 494 803

Alternative Contact: Michelle Wang – 0417 465 771

Date issued:
Thursday October 27, 2011



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