TWU Calls For NSW Govt Action To Stop Attacks On Taxi Drivers

Release date: 29/01/2015

Transport Workers’ Union NSW Secretary Michael Aird has demanded that the Baird Government introduce tougher penalties for people who assault taxi drivers and provide proper training for drivers after a spate of assaults on cabbies across the state.
TWU NSW MEDIA RELEASE, 29 January 2015

Mr Aird said a number of drivers had been assaulted in the past month, including a driver in Dubbo who was allegedly stabbed by a 13 year old girl.
“Taxi drivers keep our cities and towns moving day and night and they deserve to feel safe as they do their work,” Mr Aird said.
“For almost a decade the TWU has called for assaults on taxi and bus drivers to carry a harsher criminal penalty, similar to what currently exists for law enforcement officials, members of the clergy and other public officials.
“There needs to be a clear message sent out that if you assault a taxi driver or a bus driver, you will face severe penalties including time behind bars.
“Taxi drivers perform an important community service and it’s time the State Government got serious on their safety,” Mr Aird said.
Mr Aird also said the Government needed to mandate proper training for drivers, including conflict resolution, basic self-defence training and post trauma counselling.
“Many of these attacks take place around disputes on fares, so with some proper training our drivers could defuse some of these situations before they turn ugly,” Mr Aird said.
“The State Government has to stop talking and act now, before one of these attacks turns fatal.”
Recent attacks on taxi drivers in NSW:
  • On Tuesday Jan 27th a driver was robbed at gunpoint in Wiley Park, Sydney
  • On Saturday Jan 24th a driver was stabbed in the neck in Dubbo
  • On Saturday Jan 24th a driver was assaulted by two men in Rose Bay, Sydney
  • On Saturday Jan 10th a driver had a knife held to his throat in Orange

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