TWU Blockades Bus Company After Refusal To Pass On Pay Rise From Public Purse

Release date: 10/08/2015


TWU bus drivers blockaded the Smithfield depot of bus operator Transit Systems today after the multinational giant refused to give drivers a taxpayer-funded pay rise.

The company has received funding from the NSW Government since 1 July for a 2.37% wage increase for bus drivers. The pay rise has been denied and they have refused to backdate it.

TWU NSW Secretary Michael Aird called on the minister to intervene, “Minister Andrew Constance is turning a blind eye while this bus company rips off its workers and keeps NSW taxpayers’ money for itself,” he said.

Transit Systems’ action is another example of the problems with the competitive tendering process, Mr Aird said. “Western Sydney bus drivers are getting abused, spat on and punched because of a system that makes buses run late and pressures drivers to drive fast, skip breaks and leave passengers behind just to meet crazy schedules,” he added.
The TWU NSW is campaigning for a bus service which provides realistic and reliable timetables, safe services and consistent industry conditions.
“The public is getting fed up with the competitive tendering system and the negative impact its having on bus services,” Mr Aird said.
“The TWU is going to fight this rorting and has sent the Minister and Transit Systems a very clear message that we won’t put up with this pilfering of workers money”, Mr Aird said.

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