TWU Address Toowoomba's 'Second-Class' Drivers

Release date: 25/09/2013

Transport Workers’ Union QLD Branch Assistant Branch Secretary Scott Connolly will continue to address Toowoomba members in workplaces tomorrow before meeting up with the Friends of the Toowoomba Range over issues affecting the local residents, motorists and transport workers.

TWU QLD Branch Media Release, 25 September 2013

Second Class citizens
Mr Connolly will continue to speak to transport workers’ in the region over the low wages, unpaid journey times and Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s next step in slashing WorkCover.
“Our State Government and a number of companies out here are treating transport drivers like second-class citizens,” Mr Connolly said.
“Wickham’s are paying below award wages, Nolans are applying for 457 visas to import cheap foreign labour and Darling Downs Express refuse to pay payroll tax for their workers.”
“Add that to the Coalition’s promise to review Safe Rates and the Newman Government’s plan cut journey cover from WorkCover and there’s not much left for Queensland workers,” Mr Connolly said.
Friends of the Toowoomba Range
At 09:30am, Mr Connolly and Rev. Kate Powell from Friends of the Toowoomba Range will host a joint press conference to discuss the upcoming hearing over the development and safety on the range.
“This has never been about anti-development, it’s about the safety of the residents, pedestrians and motorists,” Rev. Powell said.
“The lights and pedestrian crossing associated with the development is too dangerous.”
“We have reached a critical point and will be going to hearing in November,” Rev. Powell said.
Mr Connolly echoed Rev. Powell’s words regarding the safety for residents and motorists on the range.
“It’s important that we have community groups like the Friends of the Toowoomba Range stand up for what they believe in, especially when it comes to safety,” Mr Connolly said.
“The Toowoomba range is a major trucking thoroughfare - stopping trucks and adding pedestrians to a major road is not a safe move.”
“Even if a new range crossing was built, which we know the Federal Member for Groom cannot do, the proposed traffic lights and pedestrian crossing for the development is unsafe.”
Minister Macfarlane’s call to account
Mr Connolly, frustrated by yet another broken range bypass promise by the The Hon. Ian Macfarlane MP, said Toowoomba residents and road users deserve the Member for Groom to honour his word, and resign early.
“The Member for Groom said he wouldn’t recontest the next election if he couldn’t deliver the funding for the much needed Toowoomba Range Bypass” Mr Connolly said.
“As the Mayor for Gatton, Steve Jones rightly pointed out, $130 million over four years for a $2 billion project is ludicrous and simply will not deliver this project.”

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