Trucking tragedies highlight safety crisis

Release date: 7/11/2012

Media reports of nine separate fatal crashes in a recent 10-day period has drawn attention to the need to address the pressure put on truck drivers in the region.

Surf Coast Times, 7 November 2012

Transport Workers Union spokesman Michael Kaine said the continuing toll of serious truck crashes on our roads are a tragic reminder of the dangerous and often life-threatening pressures in road transportation, driven by the demands from major retailers.

“Every truck crash is a tragedy, but they are made all the more heartbreaking when it’s considered how they may have been avoided.”

Mr Kaine said the pressure major retailers put on truck drivers to drive more than the legal number of hours was part of the cause of so many fatalities, and it needed to change.

“Truck drivers are expected to meet impossible and dangerous delivery schedules day after day which suit major clients, but which take no account of the lethal pressures placed on drivers. It is not acceptable that people will continue to lose their lives or be seriously injured in truck crashes when we know that major clients can take steps to address this issue right away if they choose.

“It is time they began to play their part and to stop pushing safety down the supply chain, because until they do the pressures and conditions that plague the industry will not change.”

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