Truckies Squeezed

Release date: 14/12/2012

It’s not just TWU members and truckies across the country who know that demands from major retailers like Coles are responsible for the lethal pressures in trucking (“Retail giant defends trucking rates”, AFR, December 10).

More than 20 years of cross-party, academic and coronial reports and inquiries have repeatedly highlighted the link between rates of pay and truck crashes.

The independent Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal recognises this fact and has put the retail sector at the top of its list of issues for investigation in 2013.

Coles says it only contracts with reputable firms like Toll and Linfox, that have good safety standards and conditions due to their strong TWU contracts.

But Coles is well aware that there are hundreds of operators in their supply chain, from individual owner-drivers to small and medium-sized companies who say they are being squeezed to breaking point by low rates and unreasonable demands. It’s time that Coles decided to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Michael Kaine
Transport Workers Union

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