Truck Drivers Turfed Out as Concrete Firm Restructures

Release date: 12/06/2013

More than 100 concrete truck drivers around the state will soon be made redundant, after concrete company Hanson announced a restructuring of its concrete cartage business in NSW.

Daily Telegraph

After 18 months of negotiation with truck owners, Hanson said it had decided to switch from owner-drivers to company-operated trucks.

A spokesperson for Hanson said NSW cartage costs were among the highest in the group globally.

Using company drivers would significantly reduce cartage costs in NSW. Given that consensus couldn’t be reached on cartage rates that reflected Hanson’s competitive ability moving forward, there was a genuine operational need to restructure the cartage business.’’ TWU is seeking an interim determination that the termination be withdrawn for at least one month to allow negotiations to take place.

TWU chief advisor Nick McIntosh said it was a disgrace’’ people had been let go.

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