Top Jobs Retained As 2035 Vision Comes To Life

Release date: 16/10/2014

It is with great satisfaction that I announce that the TWU of NSW leadership team, led by Michael Aird and Richard Olsen, was unopposed at the close of nominations at last week’s quadrennial election.
Letter from TWU NSW State Secretary Wayne Forno, 16 October 2014

The process of open nominations for all TWU officials - for all positions - is an important vehicle to provide open access to leadership opportunities and also a sound endorsement of the performance of the incumbent team, especially when leadership is elected unopposed.
Your TWU is now in the best and strongest position it’s ever been in and it’s all thanks to the people that do all the work, you, our delegates, members and officials.
From January next year, Michael Aird will become the State Secretary and Richard Olsen will continue as the sole Assistant Secretary after they were nominated for the top jobs with my endorsement and the full support of TWU officials and members.
Under this exciting new team there will be much to appreciate and participate in over the next four years as they strive to fulfil the Union’s 2035 vision of unity, support and growth.
“We’re aiming for a minimum of 70 percent density in all of our yards,” Michael said.
“To do that on our own is virtually impossible, but by working hand in hand with our members, providing training to our delegates and supporting them as the driving force on the ground, we can make a real difference and lift standards right across the industry.
Richard said it will be business a usual with the TWU continuing to protect the interests of all our members across the trucking, public transport and taxis, airports, waterfronts, waste, distribution centres and cash in transit industries.
“Our focus now will be on recruiting, organising and mobilising transport workers to push for safe and secure jobs,” Richard said.
I’m delighted to hand over the position of state secretary to the next generation and I’ll enjoy watching from the comforts of retirement as they continue to fight the good fight for all transport workers.
Until next time,
Wayne Forno
TWU NSW State Secretary

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