Toll and Union Reach Agreement on Award

Release date: 4/09/2013

The Transport Workers Union has reached an in-principle enterprise agreement with Toll Group, which is expected to lead to the dropping of threatened strike action.

Ewin Hannan, The Australian

Michael Kaine, the union's assistant national secretary, said last night there had been a "breakthrough" in the negotiations, with the company agreeing to a 15.25 per cent pay rise over four years and a 1.5 per cent increase in superannuation entitlements.

The main area of dispute had related to "new work" undertaken by Toll, with the union claiming the company intended to set up new business units and employ workers on inferior pay and safety standards. Under the in-principle deal, Mr Kaine said the company had agreed that the TWU would be "engaged in the process of setting conditions for new work Toll has won".

"The in-principle agreement means that Toll must provide a level playing field for all its employees, and takes away its incentive to move work into fly-by-night business units," he said.

Thousands of Toll workers voted in a protected action ballot in support of industrial action, including a 72-hour strike.

"Toll workers are very concerned about job security and the creeping expansion of casualisation and outsourcing," Mr Kaine said.

In a statement last night, Toll said the agreement gave Toll "four years of certainty of no industrial action and four years of certainty about our cost base".

"This will reduce obsolete provisions and duplication and achieve administrative savings and increased productivity," the company said.

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