TNT hit by national strikes

Release date: 21/02/2011

TNT Express will be hit by another 24-hour national strike tomorrow, as the Transport Workers Union attempts to increase pressure on the company into paying extra superannuation and higher wages for contractors.

Ewin Hannan,The Australian 


TNT has agreed to an 8 per cent pay rise over two years, but has rejected a claim for an extra 2 per cent employer contribution to superannuation. The union also wants to increase site rates for casual or labour hire employees.


TWU federal secretary Tony Sheldon said the strike action the second this month was necessary because the company refused to genuinely negotiate with the union. "TNT has taken a very aggressive approach," he said. "It has the capacity to pay." The union has taken action in Fair Work Australia, claiming TNT has reneged on longstanding arrangements for union representatives entering company workplaces.


It also claims the company has withdrawn arrangements allowing for monthly meetings led by union delegates.


TNT has denied the claims and rejected any suggestion it was in breach of the Fair Work Act.


It said it was willing to negotiate in good faith.

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