TNT facing strike over super

Release date: 11/02/2011

TNT Express will be hit by a 24-hour national strike next week, as the Transport Workers Union attempts to pressure the company into paying extra superannuation and higher wages for contractors.

Ewin Hannan, The Australian 

The union had also flagged industrial action at Toll after talks yesterday did not result in significant progress in enterprise bargaining negotiations.


TNT has agreed to an 8 per cent pay rise over two years, but has rejected a claim for an extra 2 per cent employer contribution to superannuation.


The union also wants to increase site rates for casual or labour hire employees.


The company’s Australian managing director, Bob Black, hit out yesterday at the action, saying it was damaging for TNT, its customers and its employees.


He criticised the government’s Fair Work Act, saying the union had won the right to take legal strike action on the same day it was supposedly engaging in constructive negotiations with the company.


Mr Black said the company did not object to the government’s timetable to increase superannuation, but would not agree to the union’s push to make extra payments earlier.


Michael Kaine, the union’s acting national secretary, said companies including Toll, Linfox and Australian Air Express had agreed to pay extra superannuation.


"TNT is also unwilling to discuss improvedjob security through a proper site rate," Mr Kaine said. "Even ifagoodwage deal can be agreedupon, if the workforce is casualised, there will be nobody there to collect it." Toll has agreed to pay rises of 4 per cent and an extra 1 per cent on super annually, but has rejected the claim for matching pay rates on contractors.

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