Time to Even Out the Industry: Waste Workers Doing Same Job, Paid Differently

Release date: 19/02/2014

The Transport Workers’ Union will hold a transport workers barbeque outside VISY in Carrara today (19.02.2014) in a chance to help drivers identify disparities in wages and conditions.

TWU State Secretary Peter Biagini said all too often transport workers doing the same job in the same town but for different companies, work on vastly different wages.
‘VISY employ a lot of contractors like JJ Richards and JR Stephens, and while they are doing the same job, their companies pay thousands of dollars different each year,’ Mr Biagini said.
‘Conditions are another disparity, especially when compared to the likes of Sita, and Remondis.’
‘Safety is paramount in the waste industry, and while these companies adhere to safe practices, a lot of other unsavoury conditions, including workplace bullying, still exists.
‘The barbeque is an opportunity for drivers to stop by and chat to their TWU without the eyes of their employers,’ Mr Biagini said.
‘Our Gold Coast Regional Organiser and a number of our delegates will be out and about talking to drivers, listening to their stories and capturing information, while sharing their experiences and knowledge,’ Mr Biagini said.
‘We believe in a fair and even playing field, and at the moment, that doesn’t exist. It’s important transport workers know where they stand, what they are entitled too and what they can have when they stand together with their mates and have a say in their futures.’
BBQ will be held outside Visy from 1.30pm on Wednesday 19 February 2014 , 110 East Lake Drive, Carrara

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