Threat of industrial action hangs over Toll

Release date: 9/07/2013

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has been given approval to ballot Toll workers on industrial action to break a deadlock on enterprise agreement negotiations.

ATN, 9 July 2013

The Fair Work Commission today gave the TWU the all clear to conduct the ballot.

The union applied for it last week after talks between it and Toll management broke down on a number of issues, including job security, wages, superannuation and safety.

The TWU says more than 8,500 Toll workers at over 400 yards across Australia will be balloted by the Australian Electoral Commission on all forms of industrial action including work stoppages of up to 72 hours.

“Toll workers are what keep this company moving from strength to strength and they deserve an agreement that not only recognises this but provides a secure future for their jobs and all Toll workers,” TWU Assistant Secretary Michael Kaine says.

“It has always been our intention to reach an agreement with Toll that our members can vote on. Negotiations with the company are continuing this week, but our member-led negotiation team has to have a fair and secure agreement to take back to their yards.”

Negotiations between the TWU and Toll on a new enterprise agreement began in April. The union wants annual 4 percent pay increases and a rise to 15 percent in superannuation contributions.

It has cited equal rates of pay for all people working at Toll sites and for the new agreement to apply to all new Toll work as critical issues.

The union is opposed to the company apply greenfield agreements to new business units, claiming they offer inferior rates, conditions and safety standards.

“Fighting for the rights and conditions of workers at Toll is part of our fight to protect the rights and conditions of every transport worker in the country. Our members are prepared for this next step in this fight,” Kaine says.

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