Take on Those Who Think It's Okay to Trash Drivers

Release date: 8/02/2019

Big Rigs, by RICHARD OLSEN, TWU NSW State Secretary, 7 February 2019
TRANSPORT workers need to rise up and stare down those who oppose the lifting of standards across our industry.

UNITED: A previous TWU convoy saw 240 drivers take to the streets to oppose Turnbull's approach to helping truckies.

Transport is an industry in crisis. Hundreds of road deaths, chronic overwork, stress and fatigue, mental health issues and businesses going bankrupt plague us all.
The impact on drivers and their families is horrifying, yet dodgy companies alongside industry associations like the Australian Trucking Association and NatRoad continue to resist change that will make the whole transport industry fairer and safer for the benefit of transport workers and road safety, rather than for profits.
The safety of those in our industry is not negotiable.
Every death, every injury, every company that goes bankrupt as a result of this resistance to change shows that we need to change the rules. We need sound government policy to ensure that transport operators or owner drivers are able to put a safe workplace on the road.
Come and join our national convoy which will be held in the streets of our major capital cities, on March 31.
The convoy will be a show of strength and determination by Transport Workers across Australia.
Members in NSW and the ACT will join together to take the convoy and its message to Canberra.
The transport industry for all drivers and operators must be fairer and safer.
Remember though, you can only be as safe on the road as those around you.
What we need to do is lift standards right across the industry so that all drivers are safe at work and are paid a fair, safe rate.
The TWU supports healthy competition in the transport industry but believe that that competition should not negatively impact on wages and maintenance of trucks.
We are not about telling you what to charge, we are about saying that costs need to be met. We are about ensuring that costs are met every time the truck gets on the road, providing fairness and safety across the transport industry.
We need your voice, and we need your truck, bus or car for our convoy. Bring friends and your kids. Talk to others in your yard, and tell them why it is vital.
If you're a road transport worker we hope to see you on the day.
We need to show those who oppose our push for Safe Rates that we will never give up until we have achieved our goal.
Phone your local TWU branch in NSW 1800 729 909 or Queensland 1800 804 533 or register online

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