Sunbus: TWU lodges F.O.I application with translink

Release date: 3/02/2011

 As Fair Work Australia holds a directions hearing to determine the next step in the Sunbus EBA negotiations, the Transport Workers’ Union has gone on the offensive with a far-reaching freedom-of-information application.


MEDIA ALERT: TWU will hold a press conference before the hearing. Time: 9AM. Venue: Outside the Harry Gibbs Building, Commonwealth Law Courts, 119 North Quay, Brisbane.


“The drivers and cleaners deserve to know the truth, their families deserve to know the truth, and Queensland voters need to know the truth about Translink’s shoddy contracting system and Transit Australia Group’s scurrilous plan to rob workers of pay and conditions,” TWU Secretary Peter Biagini said.


“We are confident that Fair Work Australia will reject TAG’s underhanded application to terminate the enterprise bargaining agreement, and equally confident that we will succeed in having orders placed on TAG to release its complete financial information to justify its insulting offer.


“The release of further information will complete the picture.”


The freedom-of-information application seeks access to:


■ All physical and electronic correspondence between TAG and Translink referring to: (i) the Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award 2010 (ii) wage price indexation payments to TAG as a labour cost contract increase and the wage cost indexation payments for employees of TAG as a labour-cost contract increase. (iii) TAG's projected and actual profits (iv) EBA negotiations at Sunbus Townsville and Sunshine Coast Sunbus;


■ All physical and electronic correspondence between Translink and the Australian Passenger Transport Industrial Association (APTIA); and


■ Translink's internal records relating to the above. “We cannot accept an Australia in which workers are offered pay increases of 20 cents a year,” Mr Biagini



“Sunbus is the first cab off the rank in the employer associations’ campaign to drive down our pay and conditions.


“If the brave drivers and cleaners of Sunbus were to be put on the minimum pay rate, no Australian worker would be protected against the employers’ extremist agenda.


“You would be next, and that’s why we need your support to win this.”


Media Contact: Michael Wong 0411 875 910




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