Strike threat to holiday flights

Release date: 24/03/2011

Up to 3000 Qantas workers at Brisbane Airport are threatening to walk off the job during the July school holidays if the airline fails to meet their demands in a new enterprise agreement.

Robyn Ironside, Courier Mail


Transport Workers Union Queensland executive officer Scott Connolly said baggage handlers, refuellers, caterers and cleaners were prepared to strike from July 2 if the airline failed to deliver a 4-6 per cent pay rise, more superannuation and assurances on job security.


"We’re taking steps now to be in a position to take action, should our members take that decision, as soon as we can, Mr Connolly said.


He said the TWU was hopeful of starting enterprise bargaining negotiations with Qantas after Easter in order to have a new deal by July 1.


"It’s an opportunity for the first time in almost 12 years or since the introduction of the Howard government’s legislation to win back some of the things that they’ve lost," Mr Connolly said.


A Qantas spokesman condemned the threats as "just a grab for media attention".


"Qantas is not in discussions with the TWU about a new pay agreement and is not due to be until July," he said.


The school holidays run from June 27 to July 11.

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