Statement by Tony Sheldon - Qantas Negotiations Update

Release date: 10/11/2011

Any decision to appeal the decision by Fair Work Australia (FWA) of 31 October 2011 involves questions of broader importance to working people throughout the country. That is why the TWU and other unions are engaged in ongoing discussions with the ACTU.  

The issues raised in the Qantas matter – whether a company can single-handedly and without notice cause wide-scale economic harm and immediately put the employment of more than 35,000 employees in doubt has consequences for all working people and their families.

Growing employer hostility towards employees and their dogmatic assertions about the need for ‘flexibility’ comes at a cost to ordinary working people, who are being progressively deprived of their rights.  This phenomenon goes to the heart of the ACTU’s Secure Work Campaign.

The TWU is committed to making conciliation work, but legal options remain open for as long as Qantas pursues a belligerent stance towards the job security of employees who have kept Qantas profitable for over twenty years.

No date has been set to make a decision about appealing the Fair Work Australia (FWA) decision; however, an appeal may be lodged should Qantas fail to negotiate in good faith.

Date Issued: November 10, 2011


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