Statement by Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union

Release date: 31/03/2012

The recent action by the Fijian Government to amend the management structure of Air Pacific highlights yet again the dodgy international dealings of Qantas senior management. That’s according to Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union.

Tony Sheldon commented; “The amendment of Air Pacific’s management structure can now be added to the long list of poor judgment the Qantas board continues to make regarding its overseas operations. Qantas and Jetstar have failed with several ventures based out of Singapore and Malaysia. Their airline in Vietnam has descended into farce, with two senior executives detained due to a failed risk assessment. Jetstar Japan has yet to lift off. Their latest venture in Hong Kong remains nothing more than an announcement.”


“This latest setback in Fiji once again highlights the incompetency of senior management and their flawed strategy to asset strip Qantas. It would be of a distant interest to see them continue to fail if not for the fact that these ventures are launched off the back of Qantas and Australian aviation in general. The board has a very clear plan to outsource or undercut Australian safety standards, pay and conditions. They are milking their 35,000 staff and the Australian travelling public to subsidise their Asian adventures.

Tony Sheldon concluded “When it comes to Asian or Pacific frolics, Qantas senior management has a track record; sadly for their loyal employees and the Australian public it is a track record of bad judgment, debacle and failure.”


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