Small trucks targeted in NSW police blitz

Release date: 10/08/2016

Big Rigs, August 9, 2016
Small and medium rigid trucks were targeted in a police operation in Sydney's West on Monday.

New South Wales police attached to the Joint Traffic Task Force and Traffic Support Group led the operation using marked patrol vehicles and motorbikes in the Parramatta, Blacktown and Wetherill Park areas.

A number of trucks were intercepted by police throughout Western Sydney during Operation Towards Zero which ran from 6am to 2pm.

Officers issued infringements for the following offences:
  • Not wear seat belt (x7)
  • Speeding (x2)
  • Load restraint (x14)
  • Defects (x7)
  • Parking offences (x3)
  • Court Attendance Notices for over-weight loads (x2)
  • Substantial load breaches (unsecured load, empty pallets not restrained, one significant mass breach) (x3)
  • Charges for a suspended and a cancelled driver (x2)

Officers also conducted 250 Random Breath Tests and 33 Random Drug Tests, with a car driver returning a low range reading.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said while this operation was focused was on high demand-small trucks, all road users will see more police operating on roads to address the state's road toll.

"All road users, including delivery truck drivers, need to consider their driving behaviour, particularly with more police on our roads throughout the operation,” said Assistant Commissioner Hartley.

"We are there to ensure those drivers, loaders, and particularly customers are focussed on the safety of their trucks, employees, and goods, in order to reduce serious injury and fatal crashes on our roads.”

There are further activities planned during Operation Towards Zero, focussing on other road user groups.

"To have truck drivers with suspended or cancelled drivers licences, driving overweight, poorly loaded, and defective trucks, proves the worth of our work in preventing these trucks, drivers, and companies in becoming involved in further road trauma,” he said

"With the road toll currently at 240, 41 more than this time last year, all road users need to take extra care on our roads.

"We all have a role to play in road safety, where Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Officers are there to ensure that all drivers, vehicles, and associated companies and customers are fully accountable when operating on our roads.”

This article orignally appeared in Big Rigs

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