Signing up for safety - Truckies Campaign for Fairer Working Conditions

Release date: 22/02/2012

Ben Mcclellan families of Blacktown truck drivers don’t know if their loved ones will come home safely because of what are described as unfair working conditions, Greenway federal Labor MP Michelle Rowland said.

Ben McClellan, Blacktown Advocate 

Ms Rowland joined truckies in Blacktown earlier this month to sign the Transport Workers Union’s Safe Rates Pledge.

She said she had been campaigning for the introduction of safer rates of pay for the estimated 1000 truck drivers in her electorate to reduce the economic incentive for some truck drivers to take risks.

"Truck drivers should not have to speed, overload their trucks. drive excessive hours or cut back on vehicle maintenance just to make a decent living," Ms Rowland said.

Road transport has the highest incidence of fatal injuries of any industry with 25 deaths per 100,000 workers in 2008-09, making fatalities in the road transport sector 10 times higher than the average.

Ms Rowland called on all MPs to sign the pledge and also to support the Road Safety Remuneration Bill.

"The cost to the economy from deaths and injuries caused by truck accidents is considerable: in 2010 alone it was nearly $3 billion," Ms Rowland said. i4i Comment on this article: ~, HARD ROAD Highest rate of fatal injuries of any industry 1000 truck drivers in Greenway Union pushing for better conditions Greenway MP Michelle Rowland supporting push Road transport accounts for more than 1.7 per cent of Australia’s total GOP and employs more than 246,000 Australians.

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Greenway federal Labor MP Michelle Rowland with truck driver Brian Thomas at Trans-Pacific Blacktown for safer work practices. Picture: CARMELA ROCHE

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