Safety concerns and poor company practices at TNT lead to strikes

Release date: 27/01/2011

In an effort to secure Safe Rates and better standards for outside hire TNT workers will take part in a series of 4-hour stoppages tomorrow.

TWU national Secretary, Tony Sheldon, said until there are sensible changes in the companies practices safety will suffer.


“While the company continues to turn the thumbscrews in the name of their bottom line, the public and employees will suffer.


“Take last week when TNT management in SA required the largely casual and labour hire shift to continue work at a site potentially contaminated with asbestos, providing only flimsy paper masks to a portion of them. It wasn't until Union representatives intervened that the workplace was evacuated.


“Or take TNT management’s low act of docking workers pay during the recent floods when they were unable to work.”


Kevin Hoey, an TNT employee for 28 years, said:


“We’re asking for things that are needed for the whole industry - Site Rates to stop management bringing people in from outside, on dodgy awards undermining the rest of the workforce - so employees have a bit of security in their jobs again. Putting in dispute resolution clauses and delegates rights so their’s a chance to sort things out when they go wrong. Safe Rates Committees to keep the outside hire companies honest, to make sure they do a good - safe - job and pay the correct wages. Securing fair wage increases, and moving company contributions to Superannuation to 15%.”


Mr. Sheldon said that TNT management’s claims that they cannot afford to pay for the changes were baseless.


“Of course TNT management will cry wolf but TNT Express is set to have profits increase 186% by 2015.


“On top of that TNT are set to make a fortune out of the misfortune of the people of Queensland as demand grows because of the rebuilding effort.”


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