Safe Rates for truck drivers- Janelle Saffin, Member for Page

Release date: 18/04/2012

In March the Federal Government's Road Safety Remuneration Bill was passed legislation that will save lives by ensuring that truck drivers are paid reasonably for the work they do and remove the economic incentive for truck drivers to take unacceptable risks on our roads.

Janelle Saffin MP, Clarence Valley Review


I have been a strong supporter of the Transport Workers Union campaign for safe rates in the trucking industry and also strongly supportive of the efforts the government has made to deliver this. I particularly commend the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Anthony Albanese, for his hard work in getting this legislation through.


We know that around 250 people are killed and that more than 1,000 suffer serious injuries on our roads each year in accidents involving trucks.


For more than 20 years there have been reviews, coronial inquiries and reports showing a direct link between pay rates and safety for truck drivers.


The TWU and industry representatives were on the government's Safe Rates Advisory Committee and were consulted every step of the way about this legislation.


Truck drivers, whether employees or owner-drivers, should not have to speed, overload their trucks or drive excessive hours to earn a decent living. Truck drivers work hard enough to make a living and the Government brought in this legislation to ensure pay rates that encourage drivers to drive safely, manage their hours and maintain their vehicle.

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