Ryde Council Backs TWU Waste Workers After SITA Tender Blunder

Release date: 16/04/2015

TWU NSW Secretary Michael Aird congratulated Ryde Councillors on sticking up for local waste workers after they unanimously passed a resolution last night to reaffirm that any tender with a waste service provider be on the basis of no substantial changes to the working arrangements of employees.
TWU NSW NEWS, 15 April 2015

Mr Aird said the city’s seven year waste contract was awarded to SITA under the agreement that employment conditions would remain unchanged.
“But shortly after the tender was awarded, waste workers for Ryde Council were informed that they would be sacked and forced to reapply for their jobs as independent contractors, copping a 30 per cent pay cut,” he said.
“Last week we banged on the doors of Ryde Council, sending a clear message and seeking a commitment from them that our members and all waste industry workers won’t be shafted in a system that will see services deteriorate, trucks overloaded and potentially more life threating crashes on our roads.
“Today I thank and congratulate councillors on their actions and note that the TWU seeks further detailed discussions into their tender processes to avoid a repeat situation such as this one.”
Ryde Councillor George Simon said it was untrue that the council required the reductions in pay or the change in work model.
“This has and is being driven by SITA,” he said.
“Council notes with concern the current proposal by SITA to change the working arrangements of their employees to an independent contractor model that would mean less security for employees and potentially a diminished waste collection service for residents.
“Ethical standards must apply to whoever council does business with, including SITA. This contractor is flagrantly ignoring the contract terms signed with council and we are concerned about how this could potentially affect our community.”

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