Reliance Transport Faces Further Scrutiny from TWU

Release date: 2/06/2014

TWU delegate plans a sweep of Toll IPEC's Moorebank site to see if owner-drivers are receiving site rates.

ATN, by Brad Gardner, 2 June 2014

The transport company that underpaid an owner-driver will come under union scrutiny in the coming weeks to see if any other cases of underpayments are occurring.
Reliance Transport recently reimbursed Steve Georges $24,800 after the New South Wales Transport Workers Union (TWU) claimed the owner-driver was incorrectly paid for more than a year.
The incident happened at a Toll IPEC site in Moorebank. Reliance Transport sub-contracts to Toll, which requires owner-drivers on its sites to receive the same rate as Toll employees. The practice is known as site rates, but Georges was paid less than Toll staff.
The TWU’s delegate for the Toll IPEC site, Steve Newton, has told Owner//Driver he is planning on conducting a sweep of the Toll IPEC yard to determine if Georges’ case was an isolated incident.

"I’m going to be doing another whip around in the next couple of weeks and have a talk to some of the drivers and just make sure their money’s the same as the other guys in the yard," Newton told Owner//Driver.

The NSW TWU says Newton uncovered the underpayment when he spoke Georges about his pay and conditions. Reliance Transport believes the underpayment was about $11,000 but still paid the sum the union demanded.

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