Recent Events Of The Qatar Airways Campaign

Release date: 1/04/2016

ITF News, 31 March 2016
As part of the ITF's fight against Qatar Airways' oppressive cabin crew work conditions, our unions are joining forces to support change.

Qatar Airways is expanding quickly, constantly opening new routes. But their 'five star' persona is false; their cabin crews suffer surveillance, invasion of privacy, curfews and discrimination.
The judgement by the ILO in June 2015 that found the airline guilty of systemic workplace sex discrimination – especially over the marriage and pregnancy prohibitions - forced the company to remove the offending contractual demands. BUT our workers are telling us that these changes are only cosmetic.
It’s time to show Qatar Airways that human rights are a priority.
As unions around the world, we can unite to fight their unlawful practices.
Here's examples of how TWU Australia took the lead when Qatar Airways launched it’s Doha-Sydney flights in March 2016:
·      Leafleting action on the red carpet at CEO’s Launch Party (& media)
·      Open letter to Kylie Minogue about her opening gala with Qatar Airways
·      Meeting with national Federal Labor Deputy Leader
·      Solidarity placards for public events
See images and details of their actions and our No Voice protests here:
·      Twitter
·      Facebook
·      ITF Flickr
In solidarity,
Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez
ITF Civil Aviation Secretary

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