Queensland Health to Sack a Hundred from Children's Ward

Release date: 4/04/2014

Over 100 children’s ward support staff will be sacked when the Royal Children’s Hospital at Herston moves to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane this November.


Adding insult to injury, any job to fill the void at the new Children’s Hospital will be outsourced.

The Transport Workers’ Union, who represent some of those in the firing line, said this week is just another sad week to be a Queenslander.

‘This State Government is hell bent on privatising our health system and firing as many of its workers’ as possible,’ TWU QLD State Secretary Peter Biagini said.

‘This Government does not care about Queenslanders.’

‘To sack someone and then say their job is being outsourced is a real kick in the teeth,’ Mr Biagini said.

‘These are loyal employees on low wages who do their job to help sick kids.’

‘Our health system is not an asset and is there for those who are the most in need of help.’

A statistic came out this week saying the Queensland Government is axing jobs at a rate of eight jobs per day.

‘You can add another 100 to that tally,’ Mr Biagini said.

‘What makes this harder is none of those who will be shown the door earn in a year what Premier Newman received in a pay rise.’

‘But the reality is, some of our members will not have a job come November.’

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