Release date: 15/05/2009

The Transport Workers Union has welcomed the announcement that Qantas’ group carrier Jetstar would expand by nine planes this year, saying the Qantas group of companies could use the growth to save Qantas jobs across its operations.

TWU Federal Secretary, Tony Sheldon, said it was an indication of the hard work of the Qantas group of companies employees that the company still able to show strong growth when airlines all over the world were slowing down.

“The Qantas group of companies is supported by an extremely loyal and talented group of employees and it is at this time the loyalty needs to be reciprocated,” Mr Sheldon said.

“Just one month ago we had Qantas CEO Alan Joyce come out and announce that 1250 non-management positions would be cut at the airline.

“This week we have Jetstar’s Simon Westaway make the announcement of the airline getting nine new planes this year, with each generating up to 50 full-time roles. If you count the other 100 jobs the Qantas group decided to outsource in March, that is 550 jobs they could be saving.

“That would make a real difference to the lives of those mums and dads who are still effectively on notice in this difficult time,” Mr Sheldon said.

The Transport Workers Union was concerned the Qantas group of companies would
attempt to outsource jobs, causing security risks at Australia’s major points of entry.

“When you have jobs outsourced the major client, in this case Qantas, automatically says the security surrounding those jobs is no longer their concern,” Mr Sheldon said.

“If there is an incident due to a labour-hire company using staff without the proper security checks, training and fair-work practices, it is the Qantas staff and customers who will ultimately pay a terrible price.

“With nine new planes taking off this year, these short comings can now be addressed immediately,” Mr Sheldon said.


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