Qantas profits welcomed by Union

Release date: 17/02/2011

The Transport Workers Union has congratulated the 35,000 employees of Qantas for a four-fold increase in profits for the Australian icon, and called for future growth of the company to be Australian based.

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TWU national secretary, Tony Sheldon, said off the back of the four-fold increase in profits from the same period last year, there needed to be a clear investment to ensure the company’s future is in Australia.

“Qantas has managed to come through the global financial crisis posting profits when most other airlines suffered, and today’s announcement indicates it will be a good future for the company,” Mr Sheldon said.


“This is great news for the workforce – it shows that their productivity is worlds’ best practice and that the company has the capacity to ensure employees and their families have a solid and sustainable future.


“Qantas has struggled in recent years due to the GFC, numerous safety incidents and poor management decisions. Not only did the last group of executives think it was a great idea to sell off our national airline to private equity, the current crop is intent on lifting profits by driving down standards in security for employees and customers.


“Qantas still dominated 65 per cent of the Australian domestic market, but while Jetstar is pursuing investments in the Philippines, Vietnam, and now Indonesia, assurance must be given that, as an Australian airline, Australian standards must be enforced across the operations


“The one thing Qantas has always had in its favor is its branding. It is uniquely Australian and could be argued that Australians and Australian business will keep supporting the brand for that reason. But if the offshoring of jobs continues, the brand will diminish and that is something all Australians need to prevent,” Mr Sheldon said.


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