Qantas fails to act over security concerns

Release date: 29/03/2009

Qantas TWU delegates, representing more than 3000 employees across Sydney’s international and domestic terminals, will hold a mass delegates meeting tomorrow morning to vote on a response to the increased outsourcing of work at Sydney airport.

Transport Workers Union Federal Secretary, Tony Sheldon, said the Qantas group of companies had a faithful employee base, but were treating them with contempt on issues including job security, and the security of employees and the general public through its outsourcing and other arrangements.
“The incident involving bikie terror just over a week ago highlights just how important security is at the airport, and just how much Qantas has been avoiding the issue,” Mr Sheldon said.
“We will be discussing a number of members' concerns, including the outsourcing of more jobs, the failure to security check airport staff, as well as call for an independent audit of security throughout the Qantas group of companies' operations.
“These issues are not new. The TWU has been seeking assurances from Qantas for a number of years over safety, and today we will look at what action needs to be taken to create a safer environment for employees and the general public.
“This is not the first time we have tried to resolve concerns over security. Four years ago, industrial action was taken to ensure the safety of Qantas customers, its employees and the general public,” Mr Sheldon said.
NOTE FOR EDITOR: A press conference with the outcome of the delgates meeting will take place at Santos Cafe, International Terminal, Sydney Airport tomorrow morning just prior to 9am.
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