Qantas double-crosses its workforce: Qantas Confirms No New Qantas Staff

Release date: 26/10/2011

An offer Qantas put to the TWU last week about job security has been exposed as a fraud.

Today Alan Joyce and his management team have said that Qantas will no longer employ any new staff on Qantas rates.

Qantas has said today that even if an agreement is struck about limiting outsourcing of Australian jobs, they will not honour it.

No new employee will have any job security under Qantas’ plans.

Any new staff will be paid at least 20% less than the people who kept Qantas in the air and profitable through the Global Financial Crisis and saw the airline record a $530 million profit last year.

The flying kangaroo is scheduled for a culling by the fly-by-night executives now running the airline.

The Qantas we all grew up with will die if this plan goes ahead.

These are the same executives and Board members lining up at the trough this Friday to see their multi-million salaries endorsed by faceless institutional shareholders.

Qantas employees are seething at the duplicity and the lack of decency of senior management. They will meet this Friday, 26 October to consider next steps.

Media Contact: Joshua Genner – 0414 494 803


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