Qantas crisis - 1000 Australian jobs lost while management siphons cash to foreign ventures

Release date: 5/12/2013

Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said today’s 1000 sackings at Qantas were caused by poor management and not poor profits.

“The reality is Qantas has siphoned hundreds of millions from its flagship airline in Australia to prop up foreign ventures and expansion,” Mr Sheldon said.
“This includes $60 million Qantas handed over to Jetstar Japan in October this year – money that should have stayed on Qantas’ balance sheet here in Australia.
“Qantas’ problem is not a lack of capital. It’s a lack of management.
“It has outsourced its flight crew. It has outsourced its maintenance and outsourced its ground services.
“Now it is outsourcing its capital, and using this to justify slashing 1000 jobs.
“This is at a time when Qantas has 65% of the domestic market. It is - or should be - a hugely profitable enterprise.
“Alan Joyce makes much of his decision to take a small pay cut today.
“This doesn’t compare with the 100% pay cut he’s given 1000 of his staff.
“That’s 1000 Australian families left jobless ahead of Christmas.
“Qantas have offered talks on the cuts. We’ll be saying loud and clear that the cuts are unnecessary and should be reversed.
“And we’ll be saying the time has come for Qantas to behave like an Australian airline, and support Australian jobs.”
Mr Sheldon said today’s announcement lifted the number of sackings at Qantas to 9,800 since 2009.
A 2012 survey of aviation staff found Qantas rated among the worst for job satisfaction, chances of improvement and communication with staff. Less than half of Qantas workers (45%) say they would recommend it as an employer.
Mr Sheldon also called on the Federal Government to consider the level of executive salaries and board payments made to Qantas and other management boards, relative to their operation of the company.

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