Our Fight is Your Fight: The TWU-Teamsters New Pact Born Out of Toll Battle

Release date: 15/06/2012

The globalized economy has shrunk our world linking workers across continents through the tentacles of major low-road retailers like Walmart and the popular apparel brands that line its shelves like Under Armour. As these corporate giants roam the planet to win the race to the bottom to squeeze more profits workers throughout the supply chain are often subjected to inhumane working conditions that have a destructive impact on their lives and their loved ones, whole communities and the environment.

Labor advocates across the globe are responding – aggressively. The Australian

Transport Workers Union has struck a global solidarity charter with the U.S. Teamsters as part of a coordinated effort to ensure transportation workers across the globe achieve the respect and dignity they deserve. In the past year, two key battles at mutual employers -- Qantas Airlines and Toll Group – have strengthened the commitment to work together in a formal and expanded partnership.


The Australian, a top news source from down under, spoke with Jeff Farmer, director of organizing with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters during the Teamster’s latest solidarity delegation to Australia. “We're saying that not only is our fight your fight and your fight our fight, but we are in this together. Our experience is if we fight together, we will win."


The charter commits the two unions to share staff resources and "design joint campaigns around mutual employers".


"The retail giants, the predominant user of transport services across the globe, such as Walmart and Coles, need to be held responsible for their draconian labour and safety practices that occur across their supply chains," the charter says. "There can be no contracting out of accountability and responsibility. No washing the blood from the hands.

We will jointly campaign for industry codes of practice across sectors such as port trucking and the retail industry.”

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