Notification Of A Four-Hour Stop Work Meeting Affecting Busways Services

Release date: 18/08/2016

Well we tried.
Busways drivers who are members of the Transport Workers’ Union NSW Branch are stunned by the deafening silence that they have had from the management at Busways.

Our action on Wednesday the 17th of August which saw Opal machines turned off was designed to send a message to Busways management without inconveniencing Busways passengers.
Even Andrew Constance, the NSW Minister for Transport agrees that commuters should not be inconvenienced and has spoken out saying the issue needs to be “resolved as quickly as possible”.
The problem we faced on Wednesday still stands, drivers need to protect their pay and conditions. Busways are not making themselves available to re-negotiate the industry agreement with their drivers. The company is persisting in their hope that they can bully drivers onto an agreement that does not match the one used by the rest of the industry.
It means that drivers need to take some more action to drive the point home.
This Friday, 19 August, Busways drivers will be taking buses off the road for a stop work meeting between the hours of 10am and 2pm.
The Busways service areas affected will be:
1) Central Coast
2) Western Sydney: Penrith, Blacktown, Windsor and Castle Hill areas
We are aware that this will inconvenience some, and for that we apologise.
We will however be looking after the peak hours of the day, taking the kids to school and getting them home again as well as ensuring that people get to and from work at the beginning and end of the day.
Richard Olsen, Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union NSW said, “It’s not too late for Busways, the power to prevent this action is in their hands. Come to the table and negotiate properly with your drivers who are vital to the communities of the Central Coast and Western Sydney and vital to the success of the Busways business. We also thank the many commuters who gave the drivers their support on Wednesday.”

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