No Trade With Vietnam

Release date: 9/08/2013

It’s no accident that average American families have seen our incomes decline over the last 20 years as politicians of both parties have signed “free trade” agreements, which do nothing but trade American jobs, worker safety standards, and food and consumer safety standards for bigger corporate profits. We don’t need any more free trade agreements; what we need are fair trade agreements.
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Now politicians are trying to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement that would freely trade good American jobs and benefits for cheap products produced by workers in countries like Vietnam who are forced to labor in sweatshops and unsafe working conditions.

A recent report by the Worker Rights Consortium entitled, Made in Vietnam: Labor Rights Violations in Vietnam’s Export Manufacturing Sector, provides concrete examples on how the Vietnamese government maintains its low wage regime.
  • Advocating for Labor Rights in Vietnam Is More Difficult Than in China
  • Child Trafficking
  • Forced Labor
  • Unsafe Working Conditions
  • Violent Suppression of Internationally Recognized Workers’ Rights
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Excessive Working Hours
  • Inadequate Wages

Please help us tell Congress and the U.S. Trade Representative that the U.S. should suspend trade negotiations with Vietnam until it meets international labor, human rights and environmental standards! Send an email to your Representative, Senators, and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, and please sign the petition too!

Our trade agreements should be setting the standards on how to treat workers, produce the best and safest products, and protect the air, water and land instead of forcing everyone to sink to the level of sweatshops and toxic dumps in countries like Vietnam.

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