Nissan Should Do Better Or Get Off The Grid

Release date: 2/12/2012

Ford and Holden supporters have been given another reason to get fired up about Nissan joining the V8 SuperCars next year, with American auto workers revealing the union-busting tactics of Nissan in Mississippi.

Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said Nissan needed to do better in its treatment of workers, or it should get off the SuperCar grid.
“The V8 SuperCars is an Australian icon, and a great celebration of Australian working class culture,” Mr Sheldon said.

“The established brands of Holden and Ford have long histories in Australia, and they also have a long history of working with Australian unions.

“After all, it’s the Australian way to give people a fair go.

“While Nissan behaves itself in Australia, it bullies and intimidates workers in Mississippi to stop them from exercising their civil rights in the workplace.

“If Nissan can’t treat all of its own workers around the world with respect, then it doesn’t deserve the respect of Australian motor racing fans.”

Workers at Nissan’s Canton plant in Mississippi are trying to organise free and fair union elections, and are being supported by North American blue-collar union United Auto Workers (UAW).

UAW Director of International Affairs Kristyne Peter said Nissan workers were seeking a chance to be heard in their own workplace.

“Nissan workers in Mississippi want a voice on the job, just like their colleagues in Japan and elsewhere, and just like auto workers in Australia,” Ms Peter said.

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