NDU: Time for the transport industry to support safe rates

Release date: 21/04/2010

The National Distribution Union says all arms of the transport industry should support Labour MP Darien Fenton’s call for an enquiry into owner driver contracts.

By National Distribution Union

“It is a matter of concern for every New Zealander that owner drivers are being forced into contracts that require them to breach road safety standards to survive,” says NDU Transport, Energy and Stores Sector Secretary, Karl Andersen.

“All responsible organisations involved in the transport industry need to get involved to make sure safe rates are paid to drivers so lives are not unnecessarily put at risk on our roads.”

Mr Andersen says his union has been approached by a number of drivers who are driving an unsafe number of hours and neglecting basic maintenance on their trucks because the rates in their contracts are too low.

“These drivers are in an impossible position. On the one hand they risk being picked up for breaches of the law and on the other hand their contracts can be cancelled and they risk losing their livelihoods and even their homes if they speak up.”

“We cannot afford to see these concerns brushed aside just because the companies writing the contracts are big and influential.

“Every cent cut from their contracts increases the chances of another accident on our roads. Some things are more important than shareholder profits,” he says.


Karl Andersen
Transport, Energy and Stores Sector Secretary
National Distribution Union

Ph. 021 674310

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