Moving campaign for safety

Release date: 24/02/2011

The Transport Workers’ Union has launched a new campaign to raise the standards of training among removalists that help Defence Force families relocate between military bases.

Sheree Mutton, Liverpool Champion

Better Defence Removals is aimed at improving training and vetting removalists across Australia.


The Department of Defence spends more than $200 million annually on moving Defence personnel and their families around Australia.


Union campaign spokesman Jonathan Ferguson said much of the contracting was currently done on a lowest cost basis so security concerns were serious.


"Given Australia’s involvement in the global war on terror and repeated threats on Australia’s servicemen and women both at home and abroad, Defence housing removals need to be carried out by people who are properly checked, trained and paid, so they can provide a safe, secure, professional service," Mr Ferguson said.


"If removalists aren’t checked by federal police or ASIO we don’t know who could end up in the homes or on the bases of those defending our country."

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