Metro-link Members Proceed with Protected Action Ballot

Release date: 7/03/2013

While bus drivers across the state are benefiting from the security of a new Union Agreement, members at Metro-link are starting to feel the pinch, with its employer refusing to commit to the conditions and job security of its drivers.

TWU NSW State Assistant Secretary Michael Aird said that Metro-Link was dragging its feet on the new Union Agreement and as a result was putting the conditions of its drivers at risk.

"Members fought hard over the last year to reach an industry Union Agreement with the bus operator's peak body and now Metro-link want them to sit through another round to negotiate the same conditions and work protections. This is totally unacceptable," said Michael.

With the previous Union Agreement now having lapsed and the new industry wide Union Agreement not yet signed by Metro-link, members are now gearing up to vote on whether to take protected industrial action to secure their jobs.

"Metro-link has given members no other option but to revert to a ballot for protected industrial action - and together we will fight for the best outcome," said Michael Aird.

Through the power of the bus membership, drivers at companies who have signed up to the Union Bus Agreement will benefit from the maintenance of existing condition contained in the current Agreement, a wage increase and more importantly job security.

"I would like to further thank members at Veolia Transdev, CBC, Busabout, Interline and Punchbowl Bus Company who have secured their conditions for the next three years. I only hope that Metro-link will follow suit," said Michael Aird.

Read this story on the TWU NSW website.

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