Life Membership for Glenn Sterle

Release date: 15/08/2012

WA native’s decades-long representation of workers went from driving road trains to shepherding Safe rates legislation through the Australian Senate.

From: On the Move, the TWU Queensland Journal, Winter 2012

Senator Glenn Sterle has been recognised for powerful work on behalf of transport workers and their families over many decades by your union, which recently awarded him with lifetime membership of the TWU.


Senator Sterle, who represents Western Australia in the Senate and has been a member of the TWU for more than three decades, received the award at the recent TWU National Council in Sydney.


Transport Workers’ Union National President and WA Branch Secretary Jim McGiveron said, ‘I have travelled side by side with Senator Sterle for many years now. From the beginning of his involvement with the unions, it has always been clear that he is driven by helping working people earn a decent living and ensuring they can come home to their family safely. Transport will always be a tough industry, but countless numbers of TWU members have always known they have a real fighter in their corner.’


Western Australia TWU member Ray ‘Macca’ McMillan said, ‘Unlike many who claim to speak on or about transport workers, Senator Sterle has done the hard yards driving a truck for many years, from Perth to Darwin, across the Nullarbor – even delivering the very benches to Federal Parliament where he now sits.’


‘I can think of no one more deserving of lifetime membership of the TWU than Senator Sterle’ TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon said. ‘For almost 30 years he has been a tireless advocate of transport workers and their families – as a truckies, a TWU official and finally as Federal Senator. His dedication was crucial to ensuring the passage of the Road Safety Remuneration Act earlier this year.’


‘On behalf of our 95,000 members and their families, I want to thank him for his service an look forward to his continued support for the men and women who carry Australia.’

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