Letter to Daily Telegraph

Release date: 23/11/2012

Comments from the former CEO of Qantas (Calling on the spirit which saw Qantas soar) that staff should just roll over and accept the relentless attack on decent jobs with fair wages at Qantas from Alan Joyce and management is just plain wrong. The Flying Kangaroo is an Australian icon we can be proud of because of the hard work, dedication and loyalty of Qantas staff. Qantas has dug itself into a ditch because management have targeted their workers, cut routes and promoted Jetstar as a direct competitor of Qantas using Qantas money. Telling the 35,000 staff and future generations that they should forget about having permanent jobs with living wages at Qantas, while management and former management continue to rake in sky-high salaries and pensions, is a plan for nothing except a virtual airline. If they want a real plan to save the Flying Kangaroo a good start would be to stop misleading their workforce and start giving  them the respect, fair wages and living conditions that every Australian worker deserves.

Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union

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