Keep slouch hat production in Australia

Release date: 18/03/2009

The Transport Workers Union have labelled a decision by the federal government to hand defence uniform management to the private sector an outrage after it was revealed the iconic Aussie slouch hat could soon be made offshore by cheap foreign labour.

Transport Workers Union Federal Secretary, Tony Sheldon, said the slouch hat was the second Australian icon to be auctioned off to the lowest bidder in the past month following the Pacific Brands decision to export 1850 manufacturing jobs, including those making the Chesty Bonds singlet, to Asia
“With falling employment in Australia there is an opportunity for governments to make a real difference to working families by making sure these jobs stay in Australia,” Mr Sheldon said.
“We need to have a look at the way the government use taxpayers buying power, because the cheapest price does not always cost less to society as a whole.
“Government departments need to have a look at the flow on costs. If they are getting cheap goods elsewhere – what is the cost to Australia in the form of local unemployment?” Mr Sheldon said.


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