ITF protest to TNT Australia over attack against peaceful demonstration

Release date: 25/02/2011

The ITF has written to TNT management in Australia to express “grave concern” over an incident that occurred during protests last week.

ITF general secretary David Cockroft sent a letter on 22 February to Bob Black at TNT Australia, highlighting reports that a 4.5 ton truck had been driven at peaceful protesters at the company’s Enfield site on the 16 February.

In the letter Cockroft urged him to “publicly condemn this action.” He stated: “Intimidation of workers and members of the public exercising their lawful right to protest will not be tolerated by the ITF.”

The protesters were backing the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia (TWU), which is currently embroiled in an unresolved dispute over wages and conditions for workers at TNT Australia. Cockroft also called on the company to return to the negotiating table.

Meanwhile, the company’s use of strikebreakers to replace TWU workers taking legally protected industrial action at TNT has been roundly condemned. Tony Sheldon, TWU national secretary wrote to a representative of a company supplying the strikebreakers, Adecco, on 18 and 25 February, reminding him that this action breaches a memorandum of understanding between the company and global union UNI as well as international labour laws.

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