It's All Happening On The Horror Highway

Release date: 23/09/2015

TWU WA News, 22 September 2015
Well, finally some good news on the North West Coastal Highway after years of enduring narrow gutted dangerous and deadly sections of Highway roadworks are underway in earnest.

The TWU campaigned long and hard for the major upgrade that is now occurring.
The poor condition and design of the Highway have cost the lives of both truck drivers and recreational travelers.
From the Coral Bay turn off to the Lyndon River they are now busy ripping up the billy goat track and laying the foundations for the new seal.
The new section will certainly be nice and wide with more truck bays and over-taking lanes incorporated.
A “shit load” of culverts are being installed to deal with the low level flooding and while we know this won’t stop it, it will certainly reduce it.
At the Nanutarra end there are two low level bridges being constructed. One is 18kms south at Goodman Creek and the other is about 38kms south of Nanutarra at Cave Creek.
Two notoriously bad sections of the Highway during the wet season.
It will probably be the best part of two years before completion but once the job is done it will be a huge relief for all who use it.
Thank you to everyone who assisted in our campaign by signing the petitions on the road and at roadhouses along the way.
A BIG WIN for the TWU and people power.

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