International Qantas Members Dig Deep

Release date: 18/01/2013

Last week the TWU reported a great win for our Qantas members at Sydney airport, with the airline required to pay a disability allowance to all members affected by construction projects while at work.

TWU NSW Media Release, 18 January 2013

The TWU followed-up on this decision and met with Qantas earlier this week to discuss the graded payments that members would receive for future construction projects. Qantas has also guaranteed that members would be back paid for construction which has just been completed.

Members have used this win as an opportunity to give back to the community and have committed to give the money received from the back paid part of the allowance to the charity of their choice.

“The generosity that our members have shown is truly inspiring. Rather than pocketing their entitlement, each member has committed to donate this to help others in need,” TWU NSW State Secretary Wayne Forno said.

“TWU members have made an effort to care for those in need, and we hope that their contribution will set the standard for Qantas to follow.”

The TWU will meet with Qantas in the coming weeks to determine the amount of back pay, and therefore the amount that will ultimately be donated to charity.

“The TWU will be working hard to ensure that the graded payments are fair and reasonable, not only to ensure that our members are adequately compensated but also to ensure that the charity of their choice receives as much as possible,” Wayne said.

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