In the long haul, Truckies will have to pay more

Release date: 11/07/2011

The heavy transport industry has been given a two-year grace before it has to pay the $23 per tonne carbon tax - but from 2014 families will come face to face with the true reality of how the industry affects their lives and cost of living.

Steve Lewis, The Daily Telegraph

There is no way truck operators will be able to absorb the tax, and every person in Australia will be affected, Port Macquarie truck dealer Ross Thompson said.

The two-year delay will not stop the Transport Workers Union from taking industrial action.

Federal secretary Tony Sheldon said there would be sit-ins and protests at MPs' offices if costs go up.

Mr Thompson, whose company has been selling trucks since 1968, said the tax would present the company with its biggest hurdle yet.

"It will have a major impact on the company because transport operators who buy our trucks or parts or have their trucks serviced by us will have to cut back on costs," he said. "There will be fewer people buying trucks because the industry will become less profitable.

"Everything is delivered by truck, everything. Costs will be passed on."

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