Importance Of Family Time To Be Remembered At Labour Day Mass

Release date: 1/10/2015

TWU NSW News, 29 September 2015

The importance of family time, and balancing the pressures of work and modern society with the pressures of raising a family are to be remembered at a Labour Day mass, to be held from 6.30pm, Thursday 8th October, at St Peter Julian's Church, 641 George Street, Haymarket in Sydney CBD.

According to Bishop Terry Brady, who is organising the mass, the changes to modern workplace practices, including zero hours contracting and outsourcing, are having a huge impact on family and community life. "There is much to celebrate about modern life. The advances made in technology which impact on education, healthcare and many other areas are to be celebrated. However, there is also a downside to this progress. Many people are on the road from morning to night, dropping children in childcare, spending time stuck in traffic and in many cases working more than one job. This is greatly reducing the quality of life for them and their families", said Bishop Brady.

Bishop Brady said that dignity at work was central to the Christian message, and it is incumbent on workers, employers and the wider community to enable everyone to realize their full potential and contribute to their workplace. "By working, by using the talents God has given us, we grow, mature and become the unique person God created us to be. The 21st century economic model, with its emphasis on profit and productivity, can often forget the benefits to all in our society when we have full and fair employment for everyone", he said.

"The Australian 'fair go' can often seem cliched, but it is a very precious value, and very much in tandem with Christian teaching, and indeed the teaching of all faiths. The Church, just like workers, unions and employers has a responsibility to stand up for workers and their families. Workers are people – they are not just units of an economy – they are Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. Each has a value, and we cannot divorce the needs of humans to spend quality time with their loved ones from their responsibility to their workplace.

The Mass on the 8th October will include a number of readings and prayers from a variety of workers, employers and their representatives.

All are welcome to attend the mass, and a reception afterwards at Trades Hall on Sussex Street. To RSVP, please email:

For further details, contact Dermot Ryan, Tel: 0414 499204.

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