Horror Accidents Highlight Need For Real Action On Road Safety

Release date: 27/07/2016

TWU QLD Branch Media Release, 26 July 2016
Continued accidents involving heavy vehicles are solid proof that the Federal Government has no plan to improve safety for transport workers, leaving the onus on the States to maintain safety standards with little Federal oversight.

The Transport Workers' Union is once again calling on the Federal Government to clearly identify exactly what it is they are doing to reduce pressure on drivers and increase safety for the public after more horror crashes on Queensland roads.
Queensland Secretary of the TWU, Peter Biagini, says that the Federal Government is falling asleep at the wheel as drivers are put under greater pressure and the road toll continues to grow.
"How many deaths on our roads is it going to take for the Government to wake up and do something?" asked Biagini. "The pressures that these workers are under need to be identified and addressed, otherwise we won't see an end to this carnage we're experiencing."
"We know that drivers are under greater pressure and tighter timelines than ever before. We don't want to see any more deaths on our roads but it's a terrible reality that they will continue while drivers face these same old pressures."
"We have trucks on the road that are under-maintained, which can lead to tragedy as we've seen recently."
"After what we've seen in the last few months, we truly hope that thorough investigations identify exactly what caused these accidents, and that any pressures the drivers may have been under is negated in the future so that everyone is safe on our roads."
"It's fantastic to see that the Queensland Government is doing what they can with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland conducting rigorous maintenance checks, but without support Federally this is an uphill battle."
The Transport Workers' Union is continuing with its campaign to have all pressures that drivers face be addressed, and Safe Rates implemented to keep drivers and the public safe.

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